Nikki's Happy Healthy Hooves
Barefoot Trimming Services


Nikki is a Student Practitioner with the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners, and is currently accepting clients in the northeast Oklahoma / Southeast Kansas region. Contact Nikki for more information or to schedule a trim.


Need sheep for herding? We are currently growing our flock and teaching them how to herd with our McNab Jim T Wonderdog. Contact us for more information.


Located just north of Dewey, OK, our small piece of land is home to a wide variety of animals including horses, dogs, sheep, guineas, chickens, and a cockatiel.

Welcome to Ladybug Ranch!
We are just getting settled into our new home here in Dewey, Oklahoma and are getting our website and services set up at the same time!

Please be patient with us as we get things put together. Make sure to check back often for page updates and to learn about the services we will be offering!