Barefoot Trimming

Nikki's Happy Healthy Hooves

Now accepting new horse, donkey, and mule clients in NE Oklahoma/SE Kansas.
(100 mile radius around Dewey, OK    Zip Code 74029)

Nikki is working towards her certification with the Pacific Hoof Care Practitioners, and is currently in the Advanced Mentorship phase of the program. As well, she is also working on her certification with the American Hoof Association.

She has 11 years experience with trimming horses, including experience with rehabilitation after founder/laminitis, and transition from shoes to barefoot.

Nikki conducts her work with softness and a gentle hand, and works -with- the animal to achieve results, rather than forcing them to comply.

Services and Rates are:
Full size horse/mule/donkey = $40
Mini horse/donkey = $30
Sheep/goats = $10

Glue-On Boots (Renegades) = $150 full set
Boots will be heat fit to each foot.
Price includes Arti-Mud packing material.
Pour-in/impression material padding extra.
  1. Percheron Maintenance Trim
    Percheron Maintenance Trim
    This guy lives on pea gravel during the day, and pasture at night, and has wonderful feet.
  2. Mini Horse Setup Trim
    Mini Horse Setup Trim
  3. Glue-On Boots
    Glue-On Boots
    Dunno showing off his new glue-on boots!
  4. Mini Donkey
    Mini Donkey
  5. Rocky Mountain Horse
    Rocky Mountain Horse
    Maintenance Trim on a Rocky Mountain Horse. Black Jack lives in a "paddock paradise" track.